Accomodation Info

Convention participants are responsible for making their own arrangements and paying for accommodations. We are offering dorm rooms at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). Because the Leopolis Jazz Festival (June 27 - July 1) overlaps with our convention, we urge you to make your reservation as soon as possible. The rooms in Lviv are selling out quickly and prices are going up.


If the hotel rooms are not within your budget, the Ukrainian Catholic University will offer shared 2-person dormitory rooms. The University Center (UCU Guest rooms) located in the Patriarch Josyf Slipyj Collegium on Kozelnytska 2a campus. Each room is fully furnished and has a separate bathroom and WC, refrigerator, towels and free Wi-Fi access. Beddings are included.

The price for one person is 600 UAH (= 21USD, = 18 EUR) per night (including breakfast). Priority will be given to those with financial need.  To request a room, please complete this online UCU dorm-room request form by no later than April 23. You will be notified of the room reservation confirmation by April 30. You will be sharing a room with another convention participant.

Because UCU only has a limited number of dorm rooms, we do ask those who can afford the hotels to reserve a hotel room instead.