Press release 2018

The International Association for the Humanities - MAG

Міжнародна Асоціація Гуманітаріїв

Международная ассоциация гуманитариев

Міжнародная асацыяцыя гуманітарыяў


2018 Annual Convention

Lviv, Ukraine

June 27-29, 2018

(In Partnership with Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv)




From June 27 to 29, 2018 the Ukrainian Catholic University hosted the international convention of the International Association for the Humanities (MAG).

The MAG convention draws more than 390 participants from 32 countries, including North America, Western Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and other countries of Eastern Europe. The program included 119 thematic panels with more than 400 presentations and a whole list of sectional and plenary sessions dedicated to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia, their past and present in local and world contexts in 18 academic areas.

Following the theme of the 2016 ASEEES-MAG Convention “Image of the Other”, MAG Convention 2018 focused on the way states, societies, interest groups and social movements, as well as individuals, represent themselves to themselves and to others through manifold means including language, culture, literature, the politics of history, and politics as such.

Convention was supported by Foundation to Promote Open Society, Carnegie Corporation of New York, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) and Lviv City Council, Program "Scientific Lviv".


Please contact for further details: Olga Bukhina [email protected]